SIWIS Fiction - French audio database with English translation

SIWIS Fiction base for improving French vocabulary and grammar skills contains 3,500 sentences from French novels. Five French books were selected from two authors: Zadig and Micromegas from Voltaire, and Voyage au centre de la Terre, L’Île mystérieuse and Vingt mille lieues sous les mers from Jules Verne. A manual checking was done in order to remove the sentence containing names whose pronunciation could be ambiguous. The novels were uttered by a professional French voice talent, who is a native French speaker.

How to use

  • In the text field, type in the word(s) of interest.
  • Choose the language pair from the drop-down list. The list consists of the original language and the translation language.
  • Click the submit button.
  • The page will display a set of proposals in the target language with the addition of translation words and phrases.
  • To see the syntactic structure, hover over or click on the highlighted word or phrase, and the structure will be displayed.